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NJ Divorce Attorneys

Divorce often is an emotional event for the parties and their children. Through our extensive experience handling NJ divorce cases, Mr. Sherman has come to recognize how important is it to appreciate our clients’ individual concerns and to help them plan for life during and after a divorce. We understand that you will need not only an experienced counselor, but also a sympathetic listener. Our staff is composed of empathetic and sophisticated listeners. We will address your divorce situation from a legal point of view, as well as from an emotional standpoint.

Our firm understands that dealing with divorce often is the most difficult time in a client’s life, and that each client deserves respect, support and prompt attention. We measure success not by the number of trials won or the size of verdicts, but by achieving the best results for each individual client.

Child support guidelines are often quite complicated and frustrating. They can include determination of the estimated income of a nonworking parent, child support payments and collection, tax treatment and enforcement and modification or termination of child support awards. We have a great deal of experience negotiating child support and child custody issues and work closely with the other professionals, including forensic accountants, family therapists, advisors and counselors, to aid in helping the parties resolve other issues of marriage in a less stressful manner. Additionally, we are well-versed on the challenges associated with spousal support and the division of marital property in divorce and are committed to helping our clients understand the process so that a fair property settlement is reached.

The NJ divorce lawyers at Sherman Law Offices rely on their experience and educational backgrounds to help our clients achieve a fair outcome in the often emotionally charged issues that arise in divorce proceedings. Whether a case is resolved through amicable mediation or through a more formal proceeding in court, our efforts are guided by our clients’ best interests. We strive to provide comprehensive legal guidance that is personalized to each client’s individual situation.

If you are contemplating divorce, contact the Sherman Law Offices for compassionate representation that is tailored to your needs.

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