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Criminal Defense

NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. A conviction can result in the loss of liberty, a fine, the forfeiture of property, the loss of voting rights, the exclusion from certain types of work, the denial of certain licenses, and the loss of the right to purchase and possess firearms. For immigrants, a criminal conviction can lead to deportation. Even being convicted of a minor crime can impair your future job or educational prospects. For these reasons, it is important to mount the most vigorous defense possible in every criminal matter. Mr. Sherman understand that the stakes are high for you and your family. Regardless of the charges, you have valuable legal protections that apply at every stage of the criminal process. Bruce H. Sherman will be at your side at every stage of your case, aggressively fighting to protect your rights and achieve the best possible resolution of the matter.

Each criminal case is unique.  Serving towns like Alloway and Woodbury, our NJ criminal defense attorneys at the Sherman Law Offices take the time not only to listen to you to learn the particulars of your situation, but also to explain your legal options so that you can make informed, knowledgeable decisions about your case. We promptly return phone calls and stay in frequent contact with clients to reassure and update them about their case’s progress. Regardless of your circumstances, we will treat you with professionalism, confidentiality and respect.

Being charged with a crime or DWI in NJ can be scary and embarrassing. You need an experienced and trusted law firm for strength and support. If you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime, contact the Sherman Law Offices at 856.823.4086 to obtain prompt, skilled and knowledgeable help.

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